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Hey there … just wanted to let y’all know that I’m still alive, and that I haven’t forgotten about you. Also I haven’t turned into a snob that has his nose too high to put any more likes on your amazing pictures.

The short version is I have been too busy with work, and had too little strength left to keep up with you. Unfortunately work does not mean photography, so that’s why I also haven’t been posting much lately myself.

The most I could do was, and will be for a time, to pick out one of you from time to time and look at your stream to see what you were up to. My apologies to those who don’t get my attention much, it does not mean I like your pictures less. It probably means I haven’t seen any of your posts on my dash when I had the time an strength to tumblr a bit …

The long version is a bit more complicated than than and includes personal matters, following too many blogs, actually too many wonderful blogs thus making me feel a bit redundant, summer turning into November minus the fog in early August around here (Monty Python anyone? “Winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight into autumn”) and the usual GAS induced photography blues (If you don’t know what GAS is, be happy. It’s short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome and is a common condition among the a bit more technically inclined photographers that like to play with new toys every now and then).

I still love you all.

Sep 14, 2014
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fleeting …

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Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Aug 27, 2014
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Aug 26, 2014
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Ernst Eichner, Oboe Concerto No. 3 in C-major

Howard Griffiths, Northern Sinfonia
Kurt Meier, Oboe

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